ColomPac 020.18 – Book Wrap Boxes (455mm x 320mm x 70mm)

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Made from high-quality cardboard, these book wraps offer superior protection and are easy to pack with a self-seal strip. Tear-open strips provide convenient access for the recipient. These environmentally-friendly book wraps are 100% recyclable, making them the perfect choice for sustainable packaging.

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SKU Description QuantityPrice Per Item Price
CP020-18-20PK Pack of 20 Book Wrap Mailers 20 £1.88 Ex VAT
£2.25 Inc VAT
£37.50 Ex VAT
£45.00 Inc VAT
CP020-18-40PK Pack of 40 Book Wrap Mailers 40 £1.80 Ex VAT
£2.16 Inc VAT
£72.00 Ex VAT
£86.40 Inc VAT
CP020-18-60PK Pack of 60 Book Wrap Mailers 60 £1.70 Ex VAT
£2.04 Inc VAT
£102.00 Ex VAT
£122.40 Inc VAT
CP020-18-80PK Pack of 80 Book Wrap Mailers 80 £1.60 Ex VAT
£1.92 Inc VAT
£128.00 Ex VAT
£153.60 Inc VAT
CP020-18-100PK Pack of 100 Book Wrap Mailers 100 £1.50 Ex VAT
£1.80 Inc VAT
£150.00 Ex VAT
£180.00 Inc VAT
CP020-18-200PK Pack of 200 Book Wrap Mailers 200 £1.35 Ex VAT
£1.62 Inc VAT
£270.00 Ex VAT
£324.00 Inc VAT
CP020-18-400PK Pack of 400 Book Wrap Mailers 400 £1.30 Ex VAT
£1.56 Inc VAT
£520.00 Ex VAT
£624.00 Inc VAT
CP020-18-800PK Pack of 800 Book Wrap Mailers 800 £1.25 Ex VAT
£1.50 Inc VAT
£999.00 Ex VAT
£1198.80 Inc VAT


CP 020.18 ColomPac Book Wraps, the perfect solution for sending paperback books up to 455mm x 320mm x 70mm deep, or items of a similar size through the post. These book wraps feature adjustable depth, ensuring a snug fit that prevents items from moving within the parcel. Additionally, their compact size minimizes postal costs, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for businesses and individuals alike.

What sets ColomPac book wraps apart from other packaging solutions on the market is their high-levels of protection. Made from durable cardboard with robust corners and reinforced edges, they offer superior protection for your items during transit. These book wraps are incredibly easy to use, allowing you to pack your item in seconds. Simply wrap the cardboard sides around the item and secure it using the self-seal strip. The tamper-proof pack ensures your item arrives safely and no additional sealing or padding is required. They feature tear-open strips, allowing the recipient to access their product quickly and easily.

These ColomPac book wraps are made from climate-neutral, FSC-certified Kraftliner grades, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. Best of all, they are 100% recyclable, so you can feel good about choosing a sustainable packaging option.

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455mm x 320mm x 70mm



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Large Letter

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