Protective Packaging

Shield Your Items During Transit with Protective Packaging

To ensure your items arrive at their destination in one piece, choose from our range of protective packaging materials. All of our products are carefully selected and intricately inspected by our internal team to make sure we only sell protective packaging of the highest quality. We’re confident that you’ll find our products to be suitable for your requirements and provide your goods with the necessary protection; whether it be for a house move, courier delivery or moving palletised goods internationally.

All the Protective Packaging You Need in One Place

No matter what items you need to protect in transit, we have got something for you. From Air Pillows to fill large gaps in boxes to Bubble Pouches to keep small fragile items safe and Paper Void Fill for an environmentally friendly alternative, we offer a range of products fit for any situation. Take a look at our full range to find the perfect protection for your valuables. 

Protective Packaging Materials for B2B Operations

If you are looking for protective packaging materials for warehouse and B2B operations, you have come to the right place. With Cardboard Edge Protectors, you can effectively protect goods on pallets from damage during transit. Paired with Pallet Stretch Wrap, any unexpected shocks from bumps in the road will be absorbed by this protective packaging, ensuring your products remain undamaged. 

Your Go-To Shop for Protective Packaging in the UK

Protective packaging is a crucial part of the packaging process. Without it, your items could become damaged during transit. With our extensive range of protective packaging materials, you don’t have to worry about your items when they are on their way to their destinations. Protective packaging isn’t the only element of packaging you need to protect your goods. Why not take a look at our various packaging supplies, such as Cardboard Boxes and Postal Packaging, to complete your parcels? Purchase protective packaging materials today for FREE delivery on orders over £50. 


Protective Packaging FAQs

What is the most protective packaging?

The most protective and versatile packaging is bubble wrap. This versatile packaging is great for shielding both large and small items and even the most delicate products. No matter what item you need to protect, you can rest assured that bubble wrap will safeguard your items from damage. 

What are the types of protective packaging?

There are many types of protective packaging on the market. At Schott Packaging, we offer a range of protective packaging materials such as Bubble Wrap, Air Void Fill, Cardboard Edge Protectors, Paper Void Fill and more. Why not take a look at our full range?

What packaging is better than plastic?

We understand the importance of using recyclable packaging wherever possible. That’s why we offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional protective packaging. From Paper Void Fill to Kraft Paper and Cardboard Rolls, you don’t have to compromise on the protection of your items to be eco-friendly with Schott Packaging. Check out our collection of Eco-Friendly Packaging here!