Handle With Care Packing Tape

‘Handle With Care’ Printed Packing Tape 48mm x 66M (45 Micron).

These wide printed packing tapes have an industrial length of 66m and a width of 48mm, suitable for both household and business use. They are printed ‘FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE’ in red, against a white background. The tape is strong and durable with an easy tear, and perfect for sealing cardboard box flaps with delicate or fragile contents.

Manufactured in the UK.

QuantityPrice Per ItemPrice
144 62.0p £89.28 £107.14 Inc VAT
72 66.0p £47.52 £57.02 Inc VAT
36 85.0p £30.60 £36.72 Inc VAT
12 £1.10 £13.20 £15.84 Inc VAT
6 £1.15 £6.90 £8.28 Inc VAT
3 £1.50 £4.50 £5.40 Inc VAT